What I Eat In a Day – Weekend

Some people are obsessed with watching cat videos on YouTube – I’m personally obsessed with what I eat in a day videos.  I could seriously watch them all day long.

These are my weekend eats – carb heavy and totally delicious.  I usually have a latte or espresso on the weekend but this was a Sunday and I got a terrible migraine mid-day.  So I just had comfort food and clean lemon water.

Breakfast on weekends starts late, usually about 9.  I had GF oatmeal, a bit of coconut sugar topped with fresh berries and a banana.  I’m so in love with this combo.  It’s filling, not too sweet and is so comforting.

breakfast petitfoodie

If we have a lighter breakfast we usually lunch around 1pm.  Most Sundays we do brunch then a later dinner.  But this particular Sunday I made a big batch of this Italian Lentil Soup.  I started getting a major migraine coming on so this was so comforting.  I was very thankful for it.

Lunch petitfoodie.com

Around 4 I was getting a bit snack-y and I’ve been recipe testing the previous day, so luckily I had these GF blueberry muffins and some lemon water x 2. They were tasty but still need some tweaking.

snack petitfoodie

After some rest, meditation and lots of water.  My migraine was letting up a bit.  We ended our Sunday with these simple veggie frittatas.  At the last moment I added some Parm on top.  I couldn’t stand the thought of a frittata without cheese.  It was delicious and the perfect end to the weekend.  Dinner petitfoodie

I ended my Sunday with more lemon water under a cozy blanket.

I hope you enjoyed this What I Eat in a Day.  It wasn’t very eventful and I thought about not posting it since I felt so bad this day – but honestly it’s comfort food that we remember the most.  It’s the days when our bodies need extra nourishment that we realize how lucky we are to be able to do that.  So here  is to nourishing and caring for our bodies!

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