Weekend 6.11.16

weekend 6.11.16

1.Food I’m dreaming of

Strawberry Hibicus Cocktail – Aside from the stunning photos, I’m hoping to start my weekend off with this gem.

Summer Fruit Tart – Obsessed with this gorgeous summer fruit tart.

GF Dutch Baby – Hoping someone will make this for Sunday Brunch.

Grilled Nectarine Balsamic Chicken – This and a glass of Rose = My Saturday night.

GF Peach Pie – I would like to end my Saturday night with this beauty.

2. Quote


Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.

3. Make

Marbled Napkin Rings – These are so fun and creative.  They add such a festive touch to your table.

Chemical free buy spray – With summer here, this is a a must!!!

4. Goals

Organizing Kid Clothes – ugh! story of my life.

Organize Make -Up – Having a little 10 – year-old rummaging in my make-up, often times my make-up draw looks like a disaster.  These tips are much perfect!

No Heat Lunches – Packed lunches can get so boring.

5. Read

Holistic vs. modern medicine – I recently had a heated discussion with someone about this.  I think this article sums up how I view this topic.




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