Tropical Parfaits with Coconut Lime Granola

These tropical parfaits with coconut lime granola are just what I needed to cure the winter blues.  Today, I’m posting over at Katies Cucina!

tropical yogurt parfaits  petitfoodie

I’m super excited to be sharing these parfaits with her readers.  Hop on over there to get this amazing tropical parfait.

The coconut lime granola is to die for.  It is fantastic straight out of the oven, but wait a day and the lime flavor deepens.  It is sooooo good.

tropical parfaits

I hope you love ‘em.

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  1. These are so fresh and vibrant! LOVE.

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  1. […] of granola out there.  But this one happens to be one of my favorites, a close second to this Coconut Lime Granola.  I love that the oats and quinoa are coated with this luscious blanket of honey and peanut […]

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