Must Have Trader Joe’s List

We all have a Trader Joe’s List.  I don’t know about you but I’m always stalking other peoples list too.   I love a good Trader Joe’s round-up just as must as a What’s in my purse!  I’m continually adding to my own list.  I don’t have a local Trader Joe’s (much to my dismay!).  So when I do get to go I stock up on these favorites.

TJ Faves

  1. Himalayan Pink Sea Salt in Grinder – My daughter and I could literally eat this straight out of the grinder. It has such a refreshing, not overly strong taste.
  2. Just Mango Slices – OMG! If you love mangos you will die for these dried slices. They have the most addicting texture and are wonderfully sweet.
  3. Brown Rice and Quinoa Pasta – This makes gluten free eating so easy! It has a great texture and when cooked according to package direction is never mushy or beany tasting.
  4. Riced Cauliflower – I love how fluffy this stuff cooks up. Such a fun and light side dish.
  5. Cook Butter Cups – Is any TJ’s round-ups complete without them? I don’t think so.
  6. Sweet Chili Sauce – I love this stuff!!!
  7. Nuts– I love all their raw nuts. I have not tried any of the flavored ones (I’m dying to try the coconut cashews!)  I try to keep the treats to a minimum, one day I know will cave.
  8. Almond Butter – It’s affordable and so good!
  9. White Cheddar Corn Puffs – My child will not let me the leave the store without at least two bags! She can put one away on the drive home!
  10. Yogurt Dip – So convenient! I
  11. Shrimp Gyoza – They had testers of these out and that was the end of it. We bought three boxes!
  12. Wine! – They have the best wine selection for super cheap!
  13. Feta dip – I love anything containing feta. So this dip is what my dreams are made of.
  14. Brown Rice Tortillas – While these have a weird texture, I still really enjoy them as a GF alternative.
  15. Applewood Hickory Bacon – This is what dreams are made of.
  16. Chocolate Bars – I have had a handful of these and everyone has been simply amazing.  The dark chocolate and sea salt is spot on.
  17. Trail Mix – I think these are a bit expensive, compared to making yourself.  The varieties are all so fun and delicious. A fun treat.
  18. Cheese – I adore the variety of cheeses they have.  Most are very affordable.
  19. Pumpkin Butter– Every fall this is a must!!
  20. Raisin Rosemary Crisps – I find these are perfect for a quick appetizer.  Perfect for happy hour.  They also make for a perfect salad topping.


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