Hot Chocolate Ornaments

If you need a last minute quick and easy gift, these hot chocolate ornaments are perfect.   Ava gifted these to her school mates this year and I think they turned out adorable.

hot cocoa ornaments

She also included little chocolate gingerbread men.  We used a silicone mold found at Michael’s and melted some salted caramel chocolate, poured into the the molds and cooled.  They turned out fantastically.  The molds are so easy to work with too.

gingerbread chocolates

Items you will need:

4 Clear ornaments, found at Michael’s or  Walmart

8 Quality instant hot chocolate mix packets

1 Cup mini marshmallows

Sprinkles, optional

Gold adhesive letters


Directions: Pour two packets of hot chocolate into ornament.  Add in a layer of mini marshmallows.  Pour in a few sprinkles, if desired.  After putting the top back on ornament add gold letter and tie ribbon on top of ornament.

hot cocoa ornament gifts petitfoodie

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