{Books that helped me find my balance}
must reads in 2015

I hold all of the following books close to my heart.  These books have helped me create a more balanced lifestyle. They have helped shaped the 28-year-old girl that I am today.   I hope if you haven’t read some of these books you go out and grab them today.  I would love- love- love- love to hear any books that you feel should be added to the list.

Ophelia Speaks : I loved this book dearly.  In the realms of the adolescences I found this book beyond comforting.  When I could no longer hear anyone’s voice {including my own} this book spoke to me.  Forcing me to realize these awkward teenage years were just a part of life.  If you have a young daughter at home or even if you don’t I highly recommend reading this book.  It’s a compilation of stories from teenage girls on real life situations and feelings.

Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul: Again this is another great book for young adolescent females to read.  The stories in this book are much more diverse than in Ophelia Speaks but not as personal I feel.

Eat Pray Love: I strongly believe every woman should read this book.  She has so many experiences and emotions that most women can relate to.  I love how she can show us that you can be down so low and turn your life around.  I also love how she believes western medicine is not the key to finding inner happiness.  It’s a great book and I just can’t wait for the movie!

Fit From Within: When I first decided I was going to change my lifestyle a few years ago this was one of the first books I read.  It really made me think why I wanted to get healthy, and then it gave me the tools to get started.  If you’re looking for the latest diet tips, this is not the book for you.  This book gives you life tips on how to start changing the way you see food and yourself.

Women, Food and God “No matter how sophisticated or wealthy or broke or enlightened you are, how you eat tells all.” This is a must read.  It is funny and light, yet deep and enlightening.  I loved this book to pieces.  Self discovery through food is a powerful thing and this book helps guide you through your feeling through food.

French Women Don’t get Fat: I love the simplicity of this book.  It makes eating so much more enjoyable. The tone of the book is very stylish and confident.  It makes you re-think your attitude towards food.