Welcome to Petit Foodie!  I’m Jenna, the creator of the recipes and photos found here.

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For years I have struggled with my weight and I’m now learning its not about the number on the scale or the size of your pants.  It’s about feeling good.  It’s about eating fresh healthy foods and staying active.

Growing up I was raised on mostly a vegetarian diet.  Even today my diet is mostly vegetarian.  On occasion though I do love a good hamburger.  I’m a firm believer that everything in moderation is a good thing.  I love vegetables, fruits and SWEETS!  I’m not going to pass up a piece of chocolate cheesecake just because it doesn’t fit into my diet.  You only live once, right?   If you eat good for you foods most of the time indulging every once in awhile is NO BIG DEAL!!

I have a beautiful daughter that is FULL OF LIFE!!! She definitely keeps me busy.  I’m determined to raise her with a healthy food-loving attitude.

I hope you all enjoy the recipes, photos, food/lifestyle tips and ideas.  I hope that by reading this little blog you too can find happiness in your everyday life without overindulging in guilty pleasures.

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Facts About Me:

Fave scent: Philosophy – Falling in Love

Fave food: Pizza, of course!

Current music: JT – Can’t stop the feeling + Lily Winwood – Higher Love

Pet: A black bunny – Zoomer

Go-To Cocktail: Vodka Cranberry (so boring but so classic!)

Tea or Coffee: Always coffee- BLACK

Taylor or Beyonce: TAY-TAY!

Never leave home without__: IPHONE! It’s life.

Always in my fridge: Olives, almond milk + cheese

Fave Social Media: Instagram

Dream Vacay: Fiji