10 Ways To Get Back On Track

These are my top ten ways to get back to into a healthy routine.  These recipes and products make transitioning back to a healthy balanced lifestyle so easy.

Getting back on Track  www.petitfoodie.com

  1. My Juicer. This is one of my favorite kitchen products.
  2. Kombucha! This is a very mild tasting kombucha. So refreshing and delicious.  Plus it gives you energy and makes your tummy feel oh-so good!
  3. Salads!! Salads are so versatile and filling. I love them for lunches and dinner. This one and this and this are a few family favorites.
  4. A good water bottle.
  5. This Quinoa Dish is so filling and comforting.
  6. A good citrus zester to add a ton of flavor to foods and drinks.
  7. Spinach and Shrimp Pasta
  8. Tropical Parfaits
  9. Quinoa Granola
  10. New workout clothes. Seriously nothing is more motivating than even just one new thing.  If you are on a budget check out places like TJMaxx, Ross or Target clearance racks for very affordable pieces.
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