10 Tips For Staying Active During The Holidays

The holidays are in full swing.  Let the parties, brunches, dinners and coffee dates begin.  Everyone wants to get together this time of year and the invites keep coming.  While all of this is fun and exciting the amount of calories consumed is not so exciting for your jean size.

10 Tips to stay active during holidays www.petitfoodie.com

Don’t put off getting healthy and staying in shape for January.  Start now and get a head start.  Staying active during the holiday is so important to keep your immune system and stamina up.

Below are my favorite ways to stay healthy and active during the holidays.  Most of these are free activities so there is no excuse of not having extra cash.

10 Tips to Stay Active During the Holidays

  1. Make a list or get creative and make an advent calendar of activities and open one new activity everyday.
  2. Do family plank challenge a few times a week.  Challenge your family to see who can do the longest plank.
  3. Follow Kayla Itsines on Instagram.  I have heard and seen amazing results from her bbg program.  But if you are looking to get a intro to her style and want something free she posts exercise routines every now and then.  I go on her page and scroll down to choose a new one each time.
  4. When Christmas shopping park in the furthest spaces from the store as you can. (*unless you know you will be in there until after dark! Then save this for the next time.)
  5. Write down your schedule to work out.  When you write it down you will be more likely to do it.
  6. Be patient with yourself.  If you are harsh you are not doing as much as you should you won’t follow through with exercising.
  7. Have a few light days scheduled in.  That way if you don’t feel up to anything crazy you can do a light work out.  Often times it’s these days that I end up working out the hardest.  There is no pressure.
  8. If you know you won’t have time to do a full 30min-1 hour work at break it up over the day.  Get up a few minutes early to do some yoga, light strength training.  Then in the evening go for a quick walk.
  9. Change the way you think about exercise.  Staying active during the holidays is really important to keep your immune system going strong.  Don’t think of exercise as a punishment for the calories you consumed.  Think of it as the key to staying healthy through the holidays.
  10. Stay hydrated.  If you drink plenty of water you will have more energy to keep you going.  If you are dehydrated and lethargic you will be more likely to skip your workout.
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